Ilica, once the longest street in Zagreb, is the most famous merchant street. It begins at Ban Jelačić Square from the skyscraper whose 16th floor commands one of the most beautiful views of Zagreb – literally from all sides – so do not miss out on this opportunity to get to know Zagreb from a bird's eye view.

We recommend the skyscraper as one of the first sights to visit after you leave Main Square Residence to explore the city. Take a look from above to see at what top location on the Square you reside, and then at short distances from the Square to Gornji Grad (on the upper left from the Square), and from the Square to Kaptol (on the upper right), Dolac market right behind Main Square Residence... all the most important sights are really just a few steps away.

Let's return to Ilica, where you can do some window shopping, but also take a look at Oktogon (on the left, near the Ilica skyscraper, when you go west from the Square), the most beautiful Zagreb passage, which connects Ilica with Cvjetni Trg (Flower Square). Come over to the central part and look up – you will be delighted to see the stained-glass in the glass dome.

If you return to Ilica (we admit, the popular Cvjetnjak (Flower Garden) is very tempting, but you can walk across it along with other sights), not far on the right is the legendary Zagreb Uspinjača (funicular). It also has a world famous title – it is the shortest public funicular railway in the world, driving to Gornji grad (Upper Town) directly to the base of Lotrščak Tower. It drove its first passengers in 1890, and even though your ride will last less than a minute – it's a treat. Also, you cannot leave Zagreb without taking a ride in Uspinjača.

Along with exploring the shops, we recommend turning right into Mesnička Street (from which you can turn to Gornji Grad or Tuškanac) and the Tuškanac passage and then Dežmanova Street where our company Arrenda nekretnine has apartments – Residence Park, also beacause of the attractiveness of the location. Tuškanac? Another green paradise in the heart of the city. Made for romantic walks. Or you can continue walking and shop along Ilica...


Photos: Ilica Street in the evening and the entrance to Oktogon passage from the Flower Square