Zrinjevac & Tomislavac

You made a wish, threw a coin into the Manduševac fountain and now you wonder where to go from here? Ban Jelačić Square offers a lot of interesting points on each of its four sides, but this time go south, down Praška Street, and you will reach Nikola Šubić Zrinski Square aka Zrinjevac.

You are now in one of the most beautiful and certainly the best loved of the Zagreb’s so-called green squares, the popular Zrinjevac. Plane trees create a special romantic atmosphere which simply urges you to take your loved one by the arm, happy to be together, but also happy to be here, in Zagreb, and in such a beautiful square. The atmosphere is complemented by water fountains, a music pavilion... Check the weather on the meteorological pole erected here in 1884, stroll around the busts of famous persons from Croatian history or visit some of the museums (we recommend the Archaeological Museum with a beautiful inner yard you must definitely peep in), all the way to King Tomislav Square (Tomislavac).

Along the way you will pass through an unassuming Strossmayer Square, where you should see bishop Strossmayer’s monument, the work of the famous Ivan Meštrović, after which you will reach Tomislavac with the equestrian sculpture of King Tomislav, the first Croatian king crowned in 925. Behind the monument lies the main railway station building. Tip for another must-have photo of Zagreb – walk up to the main railway station building, face north and in a single shot you will have the statue of King Tomislav, the Art Pavilion (the oldest exhibition space in this area designed specifically for this purpose) and the towers of the cathedral in the background. If you still do not have a selfie with a king, this is your chance to take one.

The stretch from Zrinjevac to Tomislavac is irresistible in the spring with first flower blossoms and in the fall with the splendour of colours of falling leaves. However, in more recent years, it also gets particularly magical at the time of Advent when it is specially decorated, dotted with lots of festive stalls and an unforgettable outdoor skating rink in Tomislavac.

Photos: Statue of bishop Strossmayer by Meštrović and an evening atmosphere during Advent on Zrinjevac