City squares with nicknames

From the Main Square to the southwest there are several more interesting squares – Cvjetnjak (Flower Garden), Kazališni (Theatre), Britanac (the Brit). No, do not bother locating them on a map under these names, because these are their Zagreb nicknames.

We, the people of Zagreb, are like that – we love to give nicknames to everything (and especially to that which we love). And the team from Main Square Residence has come up with a nice walking tour for you across the 3 mentioned squares. Walk over to the skyscraper in Ilica Street (which seems to be standing at the Square) and go through the passage next to the skyscraper. You will exit on Bogovićeva Street, a street which is in close competition with Tkalčićeva Street for being the place where most people in Zagreb enjoy coffee. Walk to the west and you'll pass by the Grounded Sun sculpture. Those of you who love astronomy and astrology will be interested to know that other planets are also scattered across Zagreb, but be warned that some of them are a fairly long way from the city centre. Bogovićeva Street leads you straight to Cvjetnjak.

Cvjetnjak comes from Cvjetni trg (Flower Square), and it got its name after all the flowers sold there. The official name of the square is Petar Preradović Square, named after a Croatian poet whose statue also stands there. Cvjetnjak is also among favourite places for sitting and enjoying coffee. Go from Cvjetnjak to the south and you will arrive at the statue of Nikola Tesla, the world famous genius born in Croatia. Walk right (to the west) along Masarykova Street where you will see an Art Nouveau masterpiece – Kallina House.

Masarykova Street leads you to Marshal Tito Square, a magnificent square with the Croatian National Theatre, the Museum of Arts and Crafts (the same building houses the School of Applied Arts and Design), the building of the Zagreb University Rectorate and the Faculty of Law... The square also holds Fernkorn's sculpture of St. George killing the Dragon and two masterpieces by Meštrović – the History of Croats and the Fountain of Life. Learn the artist's message from the fountain and enjoy the moment, in this beautiful square and this city.

The third square will be your choice – you can go along Frankopanska Street to Ilica Street and Britanac, the British Square, sometimes called 'Mali plac' (because Dolac is 'Veliki plac', and plac is a Zagreb word for market). If you like antiques, be sure to visit Britanac on a Sunday morning. Those of you who love museums and art could cross the street to the south after visiting the Museum of Arts and Crafts and go to the Mimara Museum in Roosevelt Square, which has an impressive collection of works of art.


Photos: Statue of St. George killing the Dragon and the Croatian National Theatre; the Museum of Arts and Crafts