Gornji grad (Upper Town)

Of all the most magical, most romantic and most picturesque parts of Zagreb, one that you simply must see is Gornji grad. You will be happy to know that strolling from Main Square Residence, Gornji grad is just a couple of minutes away.

The relatively small area of the medieval town of Gradec holds a handful of tales, notable sights and interesting details. Let us begin with Kamenita Vrata (Stone Gate), the last preserved Gradec city gate. The fire of 1731 burned everything there except the painting of the Mother of God which is today revered by the people of Zagreb as their protector. The painting is held at the small chapel within the Gate itself. Next to the Gate, the statue of Dora Krupić reminds us of Dora and Pavao, one of the famous Zagreb love couples whose love story did not end with the proverbial ‘and they lived happily ever after’, while more on the topic of unhappy endings can be found further along the road at the Museum of Broken Relationships, a must see, internationally awarded museum.

Leaving broken hearts behind, walk over to the Strossmayer promenade where love assumes quite a different shape – this is the spot that many people of Zagreb carry in their hearts as the place where they first kissed. Believe us when we say that the romance is clearly felt in the air at the popular 'Stross'. Translate this atmosphere to photos as well, since this is one of the places which command the most beautiful view of the city. Lotrščak Tower is here as well, built in the 13th century, standing as a recognizable part of Zagreb, with the Grič cannon that fires each noon to this day.

Another image of Zagreb without which you cannot leave is the one of the Church of St. Mark with its unique painted roof, one of the symbols of Zagreb, located in the central square of former Gradec. The left side of the square houses Banski Dvori (Ban's Court), which once served as the residence of Croatian bans (viceroys), including Ban Jelačić, and today is the seat of the Croatian Government, while the right side houses Hrvatski Sabor (Croatian Parliament).

This is just a small part of what Gornji Grad has to offer so start exploring it as soon as possible, because believe us when we say that to see it once is just – not enough.


Photos: Opatička Street sign and the roof of St. Mark’s Church