A bit further from the centre & the surroundings

If you think the heart of Zagreb revealed all of the city's secrets, you could not be further from the truth. A lot of interesting sights are just a bit further from the centre, not to mention the surroundings... wonderful nature, magical manors, rivers, lakes, and the seaside is just a couple of hours away.

First of all we have to say that you are now in a truly sporting city, a city which has its own mountain where World Cup ski races are held and its own rowing course on the so-called 'Zagreb sea' – Lake Jarun where rowing competitions take place (if you are staying in Zagreb for a couple of days longer, we recommend you take a walk around). A rarely seen combo, right? Sljeme, the top of Medvednica mountain at 1035 metres of altitude is among the most ideal places for a hike.

In Maksimir there is the stadium of Dinamo, the best-known football club from Zagreb, across from which is the zoo, which deserves to be seen even if you have not come to Zagreb with your kids, and which is set in the midst of the Maksimir park forest, the oldest park in the area with a recorded 'year of birth' – 1794. Yes, we truly are a green city.

If you wish to see the surrounding area, we recommend Samobor, the town closest to Zagreb. Known as a place for nice strolls and the famous kremšnita cake, as well as other culinary delights, it is especially enchanting during the carnival. Over to the north are wondrous castles of Trakošćan (most impressive on the outside, but count on several hours of sightseeing inside – a pleasure for the big, as well as little knights and princesses) and Veliki Tabor (with a sad love story about Veronika Desinićka). In Hušnjakovo next to Krapina you can visit the popular Krapina Early Man site, and the Krapina Neanderthal Museum is among the most modern museum projects in this part of Europe. In any case, a fascinating place to see.

The captivating trait is also shared by the very beautiful Plitvice Lakes which are not far from Zagreb, but away from the mentioned castles and Krapina. Plitvice Lakes are the largest and the oldest Croatian national park which UNESCO declared as one of the world heritage sites. Nature of exquisite beauty with magical lakes and waterfalls – a trip to remember. And the seaside is so near... It is so difficult to decide where to go... But you can always come back for more...


Photo: Veliki Tabor Castle