Breakfast at Mala Kavana

To make you fully enjoy your accommodation with us, Main Square Residence offers you the possibility to have breakfast at Mala Kavana. After a good night’s sleep in our luxurious beds, if coffee is what it takes to open your eyes – there is a coffee maker in your room. Once you had your first coffee, come downstairs to the ground floor of your building where tasty breakfast will await you.

Mala Kavana is among the oldest coffee houses in the city known for its long tradition of coffee houses and a love for drinking coffee. Mala Kavana is hugely popular also owing to its excellent location on Ban Jelačić Square. Besides breakfast, you can also enjoy in the great view of the Square.

At Mala Kavana, Main Square Residence guests can choose among several types of coffee for breakfast – espresso, macchiato, cappuccino and instant coffee, or, if you are not into coffee – tea. There will be juice waiting for you as well, and all you have to do is choose between orange, lemon, apple and pear juice. ‘Proper’ breakfast comes in the shape of eggs sunny side up or an omelet or scrambled eggs. In addition to this selection, you can also choose what you like better with your eggs – vegetables and ham or cheese and bacon. Eggs are served with a basket with pastries and butter. If you are not into eggs, there is bircher muesli with seasonal and dried fruits. And finally, to sweeten up your breakfast – croissants and seasonal fruits.